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TF2's CWs: blood, cartoon gore, guns, beer 

I did a wallpaper thing in SFM

man I should seriously stop trying to do photography lmfao

man there's a lot of things I wish I could get into but I'm either not good enough or not smart enough for anything

tbh kinda wanna try fucking around n getting into like keyboard building n stuff like that cuz that seems pretty cool

tbh kinda wanna read into how activitypub works

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kinda wanna try setting smth up like the eventphone thing at ccc

ngl I really don't like how hard it is to read replies on mastodon, the ui doesn't really seem to make different threads stand out in a way that tells me that this is a different reply thread and that it's not just a reply to the reply above

just wondering can you do smth like a qrt on your toots on here?

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is it just me or does photography seem expensive to get into

also I really wanna try night photography but I don't have a tripod n most photos come out too blurry at visible exposure settings

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wish I could get into photography or smth but I'm too stupid n uncreative lol

what would be the best way to implement a queue system for a discord music bot?

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