trying to find a good app with sensible UI

@fantoro For Mastodon? So far, Tusky is the best option on Android.

@fantoro ah, but you use an iPhone, I see. Well, good luck

@kescher yeah most of the ios apps seem to have design or just functionality issues lol (I haven't tried the paid ones tho but idk if they're good)

@kescher tbh I'd try jailbreaking n finding a good open source app or smth but I'm scared of tripping apple's version of safetynet (no idea what's it called on ios tbh)

@kescher thanks!! tbh I still find it dumb how banking apps n apps like snapchat basically lock you out if you trip it, like damn are they fr not confident enough in their backend security that they're scared of someone modding the frontend? (even though it's still possible lol)

@fantoro My bank used to lock me out due to root, and their root detection techniques were way too good, so circumvention was not easily possible.

I complained to them, and they quickly switched to only showing a warning about root.

Currently, Magisk Hide is so powerful, banking app no longer shows that dialog at all. But it's only a matter of time until SafetyNet is switched to hardware eval only :(

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