ngl can't believe Ill get some profit from all the dogecoin I got from Reddit tips lmfao

man I love the whole GameStop thing, I like seeing and laughing at rich people getting fucked over

@kescher aight, gonna go through my top lastfm scrobbles n recommend some releases

@kescher just wondering do you have a list of music you already have? asking so I don't rec you something that you already have

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@kescher oh tbh I just wanna know about how email works in general, this tutorial seems to assume that I already know how all the protocols n services n stuff behind the scenes work but I don't really except for the ones like the database etc.

can anyone give me a tldr of the whole gamestop/wallstreetbets thing, I think I sorta understand it but I'm not sure if I understand it correctly

I kinda wanna try hosting a mail server but I have no fucking idea how email works

man I really hate how jealous I get of other people cuz I'll never be a sucessful person or anything really

i dont really like how the mastodon search works mainly around hashtags cuz I never used them and I don't think I ever will use em much except when I feel like I need to tag similar posts in a project or smth (tho I prob won't have to)

just wondering how does the custom emoji thing work on mastodon

anybody know how to get into le funny gamedeve?? (i am bore d and I don't think I'm capable of finishing that discord bot befcause I am terrible at programing oh well why do I wanna get into gamedev I'll prob give up on it as well man I'm a failure holy shit lmfao I need to do somethinga dn stop ebeing so fuckign useless holy hsirsjogndnkdfgsnk lfgdjnkfgdkjn nwwords wrods words owrdosw rodsowr sodwrosodwrodsowrdowrodwoefodwojndfsl;jknarsgf ljnsfgdjklmn;rg jmn ugfdghbjngfdjklngfbdsjklnfgdsjngfdsl

I should prob figure out how to make my laptop install less sluggish n laggy

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