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One of the reasons why I'm on Mastodon is because I love interacting with new people I'd never otherwise interact with. I come in peace, pinky promise. :D

However, if I do become "that weird guy" in your notifications, just let me know and I'll cut it out. I don't mean, like or intent to make others uncomfortable, so yeah.

There are more injustices on this plane than just the ones you experience individually

This is a reminder to us all, including me

Would be great to see political parties 'getting along with the kids' by addressing their issues, such as unemployment, climate change, racism, etc. instead of thinking that posting memes is a viable strategy for establishing trust in the long-term.

Using @peertube?

Then maybe checkout TubeLab!

It obviously works with your #Peertube account, but you can now even login with your Mastodon or Pleroma account to like, share and comment

Available on @fdroidorg or the #Google Playstore

TubeLab (App for all Peertube instances) -

Me and @enkiel authored an introductory workshop in Rust for people who want to get a grasp in Rust before throwing themselves into its unique and intimidating mechanisms for @hackclub. Any feedback's appreciated.

"Some languages can be read by humans, but not by machines, while others can be read by machines but not by humans. XML solves this problem by being readable to neither."


COVID-19 — Democracy, Classism and How To Survive as an Overinformed Pessimist

When the fediverse doesn't stimulate me enough, I open up Twitter.

Heard someone say that the latter site turns your free time into money, maybe I should abandon the site as a whole.

i use big words i don't understand to seem more photosynthesis

hackers online always threaten me with "i know your address" like ok dude ive known it since i was 6 i do not care

There are three hard problems in computer science: standardizing on a single chat application with your friends and off by one errors

Anyone on the fediverse who can hear me, runs a small instance and wants to relay? Thanks!

The numbers for each execution (as well as summed up) is higher, slightly lower or on par according to other sources I found on Google.

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Since 1977 (since the death penalty was reinstated in California), 13 people have been executed.

That makes up for 44 years.

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That basically means that if you jailed someone from the moment they were born until death, on average, you could finance the incarceration of around 20 people for the same price as the yearly spendings on death penalty trials, while there hasn't been an execution in 3.5 years.

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After doing some quick numbers, if the State of California spends ~137 million per year on death penalty trials and ~81k per year, per inmate, that means that if we multiply the living costs by the average life expectancy (81 years) and divide it by 137 million, the result is 20.

I started learning Dutch year. I put it on hold for the time being. I'm now stuck with the accent when I speak German.

I forget to add alt text to things on here. Gotta fix that.

My infrastructure is currently deteriorating and I can't do online classes properly, I'll get interleaving disabled on my line in an hour or two.

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